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LEARN - Culture, Landmarks, Lectures, Workshops, Hawaiiana - Kakaako - Hono

There are many great Kakaako resources to the learn, explore and deepen your understanding of Kakaako and many other great topics/subjects

  • Kakaako Learning and Education
Culture/History of Kakaako
If you'd like to learn more about the history of Kakaako and Hawaii, what better way to check out our listing and head out to some of the cultural and historical hot spots in Kakaako.

From the complimentary cultural programs offered by Kakaako hotels to checking out the quaint historical museums in this neighborhood, Kakaako openly shares its history to anyone who's interested. More...
Historic Sites
In the olden times, Kakaako was a native Hawaiian fishing village. As the community evolved and modernized, there are still unique landmarks and spots that hold a significant social, cultural and historical meaning to the locals in Hawaii including the Kakaako Pumping Station and Kakaako Fire Station which are noted landmarks that are part of the National Register of Historic Places in Oahu. More...
While you're out shopping and dining in Kakaako, don't forget to look around at Kakaako's famous landmarks including the Kakaako Pumping Station and Kakaako Fire Station which are not just buildings but historical landmarks noted in the National Register of Historic Places on Oahu island. More...
Kakaako Historic Trail
The Native Hawaiians, including King Kamehameha I, used to reside in Kakaako. The area was used for salt making, fishpond farming, and agriculture among other industries. So as you stroll along the Kakaako community, know that you are walking along a path with a rich cultural past. More...
Ethnic & Cultural Learn
See Kakaako in a different light by checking out some of its historical and cultural landmarks. Browse through our list below to help you get started. Kakaako highlights a lot of Hawaii's rich history and culture so be sure to take some of that in while in Kakaako! More...
Hawaiiana - Learn
Many Kakaako hotels and shops offer a variety of classes such as lei making, Hawaiian language lessons, hula lessons, ukulele classes and other interesting pieces of Hawaiian culture. Check out our listing below and pick which class you'd like to sign up for! More...
Lectures & Workshops
Some Kakaako-based establishments offer workshops and lectures that can help you learn more about the rich culture of this neighborhood and of these islands. Check out our list below to see what workshops are offered and sign up today! More...

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