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  • 2500+ webpages
  • 60+ maps and guides
  • 1500+ businesses
  • 100+ featured categories
  • Demographics: attracts individuals who want to know more about the latest restaurants, activities and events worth checking out in Kakaako - Honolulu, Hawaii. Many are local residents who like anddesire to work, play and even live in Kakaako. Also mainland and international visitors who enjoy visiting and shopping in Kakaako, Hawaii and will find out more about the newest Kakaako restaurants, shops and activities worth checking out while on vacation.
  • KakaakoHawaii has just been launched (8/1/2014) and connections with the community are growing fast. We work with hundreds of reputable companies thatare listed on our popular pages on our community websites.
  • Here is a detailed demographic profile of the 96814 zip code.
  • KEY LINKS: Home Page, Feature Pages, Maps & Guides, Calendar, News, New Listings, Facebook, Twitter

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