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  • Kakaako Art Collection by Mark N. Brown - Honolulu, Hawaii

Kakaako Art Collection by Mark N. Brown - Honolulu, Hawaii
Click on links below beautiful artwork featured Kakaako - Honolulu, Hawaii

Inspired by the beautiful landscape within and around Kakaako, Honolulu, Hawaii and beyond, here is Mark N. Brown's Kakaako artwork collection.

Mark is one of the few Plein Air Artists in Hawaii and his paintings can be seen all throughout the Hawaiian Islands in private collections, Art Galleries, Fine Retail Shops and Government facilities. Browse through his collection and find out how you can own one today!
CLICK ON IMAGE TO VIEW BIG VERSION/DETAILS. Here you can see all of Mark N. Brown sold artwork.
Diamond Head Dreams (Diamond Head From Kakaako Waterfront Park)
Ref. No.: 20461 ** Price: $600 ** Size: 16" x 20" ** Inspiration: This view overlooking Diamond Head was painted as a class demo for the Plein Air art class of the University of Hawaii at Manoa Outreach College. I wanted to teach my students that there is beauty everywhere, even in a industrial area. More...
Fishermen's Wharf Glory (Fisherman's Wharf Restaurant in its Glory Days Location: Kakaako - Honolulu, Hawaii)
Ref. No.: 20462 ** Price: $1000 ** Size: 18" x 24" ** Inspiration: This Fishermen's Wharf painting was the first I did at this location. This place has a lot of history. It is surrounded by a nautical landscape, showing the harbor and other landmarks. More...
Fishermen's Wharf Summer (Location: Fisherman's Wharf Restaurant in Kakaako - Honolulu, Hawaii)
Ref. No.: 20459 ** Price: $800 ** Size: 23" round ** Inspiration: This round panel painting was painted as a demo for my University of Hawaii at Manoa Plein Air painting class that meets on Saturday mornings at various locations around the state. Fishermen's Wharf brought back good memories for everyone in my class, some artists even remember having the Turtle Steak. More...
Kaiser Bowls - 2
Ref. No.: 18335 ** ** Size: 36" x 48" ** Inspiration: This Plein Air painting was done at one of the best surf spots in the island, Da Bowls. The surfers there have such character that the casting agents of the movie "Pirates of the Caribbean" came through for an open call to any potential swashbucklers and asked them to "come as you are." I enjoy painting there and the guy who commands a lot of respect is the steersmen of Anuenue Canoe Club, Nappy Napoleon. He has an easy, humble way about him that keeps everyone "chilled". More...
Kewalo Basin Shadows (Diamond Head From Kakaako Waterfront Park)
Ref. No.: 20463 ** Price: $2800 ** Size: 24" x 36" ** Inspiration: I painted this right in front of the showers for the surfers as they paraded by after their surf session. Judging by their reactions, I think I did a good job. When they said my painting was "sick" or "bad" (surf language), I took it as a compliment. More...
Kewalo Basin Surfer (Surfer's Off Kewalo Basin - Location: Kakaako Waterfront Park)
Ref. No.: 20460 ** Price: $2400 ** Size: 24" x 36" ** Inspiration: All surfers have a favorite break and townee's talk about Kewalo Basin and what it was before. I enjoy listening to their stories as I paint. More...
The Sea Queen At Kewalo's
Ref. No.: 18392 ** ** Size: 24" x 30" ** Inspiration: This painting of the Sea Queen sampan "Kula Kai" fishing boat was created directly on the pier of Kewalo Basin in Kakaaoko. Of course when you paint on the pier, it attracts the fishermen who would tell me their stories, and I am all ears!

Kula Kai is one of the last remaining sampan tuna fishing boats left. The men with their poles would hook the Tuna standing up and hoistthe fish over their shoulder and into the hold and then fling the line back into the churning water in the same motion. It took strength, balance and the knack to keep it going while the school of fish were biting.I have been lucky to paint the other sampan boats over the years: "Orion", "Neptune" and as of 2013, the last surviving one "Kula Kai" More...

ref no:20465

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Commission Hawaii Art
A commission oil is an oil painting personally created by Mark N. Brown for a collector. More...

Mark IS currently accepting new commissions.

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Kakaako is a thriving commercial and retail community in Honolulu, Hawaii. It is situated between Ala Moana (close to Waikiki) and downtown Honolulu near the Honolulu Harbor.

Note on Hawaiian spellings of Kakaako: Kaka'ako

We take special care to include in our print communications the ʻokina (glottal stop) and kahakō (macron) marks used in the proper spelling of Hawaiian words. Due to compatibility issues with certain Web browsers, databases and/or search engines, however, they may not display properly and might not be in use on this website.

Hawaiian royalty (including King Kamehameha I and his family) once lived in Kakaʻako. Native Hawaiians had agricultural terraces in this area. They used Kakaako for salt making, fishpond farming and wetland agriculture.

Ala Moana Boulevard and Kapiʻolani Boulevard will lead you through Kakaako. Over the past few years, residential areas have been added, enhancing activity for the popular retail area of Ward Center and is the site of many expos, shows and activity at the Neal S. Blaisdell Center.

About Mark N. Brown - Hawaii's Plein Air Artist
Mark is one of the few Plein Air Artists in Hawaii. Plein Air artists paint their paintings entirely outside at the site of the painting subject. He teaches this method at the University of Hawaii and his work can be seen all throughout the Hawaiian islands. More...
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